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GCH Blue Chi’s Topsy Turvy “Tipsy”

2015 AKC Eukanuba National Championship

Orlando, FL - Best of Variety

Thank you to Judge Barbara Alderman

Chihuahua Club of America

St. Louis, MO - 10/11 - Award of Merit

Thank you to Breeder Judge Richard Miller

Central Carolina Chihuahua Club Specialty

7/24 Greenville, SC - Best of Variety & Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed

Thank you to Judge Robert Hutton

6/27 Lima, OH - BOV/Group 4

Thank you to Breeder Judge Ronald Rella

Chihuahua Club of America Regional Eukanuba Specialty

Thank  you to Judge Houston Clark

Silver GCH Blue Chi’s Pip-Squeak “Squirt”

12/12 Orlando, FL Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed

Chihuahua Club of America Regional Eukanuba Specialty

Thank you to Judge Houston Clark

7/20 Hilton Head, SC Group 4

Thank you to Judge Denny Mounce

New Champion/Grand Champion


GCH Ch Blue Chi’s Topsy Turvy - GCH/CH

Ch Blue Chi’s Drunk Last Night

New Champion/Grand Champions


Silver GCH Blue Chi’s Pip-Squeak

JCH CZ JCH UK Blue Chi’s Viva La Vita

Bronze GCH Blue Chi’s Pretty Little Liar

Ch Blue Chi’s Bad As I Wanna Be

Ch Blue Chi’s Boots On The Ground

GCH Blue Chi’s Shoulda Woulda Coulda - GCH/CH

Ch Blue Chi’s Zumba

New Champions/Grand Champions


Bronze GCH Ch Blue Chi’s Pip-Squeak - Bronze/GCH/CH

GCH Ch Blue Chi’s Double Diamond - GCH/CH

GCH Ch Dazzle’s Momentous Menace - GCH

GCH Ch Joy-Jac’s Diamond Joe - GCH/CH

GCH Ch Blue Chi’s Pretty Little Liar - GCH/CH

Ch Blue Chi’s Hello Kitty

Ch Blue Chi’s Yoohoo

Ch Blue Chi’s Friends With Benefits

Ch Blue Chi’s Piece Of Work

Ch Halo’s Catch Me If You Can

TH DK AM Ch Alveena Misty Meadow’s Masa

As stated on the AKC site:

The American Kennel Club is pleased to award a Special Bred-By Medallion to the Breeders listed below:

Holly Maxwell

Shea O’Connell

Bred-By-Exhibitor medallions are awarded to those exhibitors that complete all points required for their conformation championship title by advancing to the winners competition from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.

These Special Medallions are in recognition of each individual's valuable contribution to the sport of purebred dogs, who as the breeder-owner-handler of five (Silver) or ten (Gold) different dogs that have become champions of record and received an original Bred-By Medallion through their participation in AKC Events.

We recognize each for their successful participation and for their continued dedication to the different AKC Sports for purebred dogs.

We wish each of them much success in future AKC Events.

Silver GCH CH Blue Chi’s Pip-Squeak - 2012

GCH CH Blue Chi’s Bear Necessities - 2011

GCH CH Blue Chi’s Double Diamond - 2012

Bronze GCH CH Blue Chi’s Pretty Little Liar - 2012

CH Blue Chi’s Friends With Benefits - 2012

CH Blue Chi’s Hello Kitty - 2012

CH Blue Chi’s Yoohoo - 2012

GCH Blue Chi’s Shoulda Woulda Coulda - 2013

CH Blue Chi’s Zumba - 2013

Show News Many Thanks To 
Charles C. Scott
AKC Chihuahuas 2015 AKC Eukanuba National Championship

GCH Blue Chi’s Topsy Turvy 
Best of Variety
Many Thanks To 
Barbara Alderman

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